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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I think I handled my weekend retreat very well. For brunch I ate the scrambled eggs with cheese,some bacon, a sausage, and 2 poached eggs. I did not touch the crepes, breakfast pizza, muffins, potatoes, desserts, and dozens of other carb laden delights. I did not feel good after the brunch as there was just too much grease in my proteins but ate what I felt was the less of the evils. For supper I ate chicken breasts, roast beef and a few dry ribs with lots of salad with no dressing and carrot medley vegetables. No other carbs or fruits or desserts. While others were munching during the day on chips, cookies, cakes and candies, I took a large container of raw veggies and a bought dip.  I ate lots of the veggies but did have a bit of the dip....I brought home a lot of it so I don't think many others ate much of the healthy stuff.
For late night in my room I had my yogurt and goji muffin and diet soda.
Now even though I thought I did excellent with what I had to work with, I was up 4 pounds but it is coming off fast.... I did read that eating all that raw veggies does retain fluid somewhat so hopefully in a few days it will be gone..

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  1. Cheryl you never cease to amaze me!! You are have will of steel! Good work! And I imagine the extra four pounds are water retention (from extra sodium in the meat perhaps?). That will come off in no time!!!