Weight Loss

Friday, April 15, 2011


I have now lost what I had put on a week ago and now down to my lowest weight in a long time. I have lost 49 pounds and really excited about hitting the big 50.  Now if that was just my age it would be even more exciting but hey I am old, but I am healthy,happy and a lot more fit than I was when I was 50.
I am off to a weekend retreat of crafting where meals are made for us and everyone brings munchies for during the day....I will not eat the snacks , I will choose the best I can for meals, I will drink lots, I will eat the veggie tray I am taking and also the goji muffins, turkey bites, and FF cheese I will have in my cooler.
There I have made the commitment, now to put it in action. I want that 50 pound loss so much that I think I can do it. I may even diarize every thing that goes into my mouth all weekend and report here as another incentive to keep on track.

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  1. Good Luck resisting the temptation! I know you will rock the show! But remember to enjoy yourself some and have a great time:)