Weight Loss

Friday, April 8, 2011


I have been away for a few days and I always find that I do not stay as strict on my eating plan as when I am at home. Oh it is possible but stinking thinking takes over and I can convince myself that it is ok to eat things that are not good for me. The result was a 4 pound gain of which I am sure some is just fluid as I did not drink my water limit at all while away. I had one really bad slip and it was not in my mouth for more than 15 seconds and really not worth the slip. I will not confess what it was as it is over and done, but I can tell you it was thought out and planned and could have been stopped if I had worked harder at it.
Another part of my gain was due to just over eating on "as tolerated foods."
Because the Dukan bread and muffins are Dukan, I some how convinced myself that it was ok to eat them morning noon and night  in excess as "well they are DUKAN".
NO, we are allowed 2 Tbls of oat bran a day, not 20 Tbls in the form of muffins or bread.
So I am back on my eating plan for 24 hours and doing fine. I am down nearly one pound today and I know I will soon get back to my lowest weight and keep on....I have no fear that I can not do it......
I feel so much healthier by eating right and the mental freedom is great too.
Confession over!


  1. Great Post! I think it is completely normal to convince ourselves from time to time that we can indulge slightly, so long as we get right back on track. You are doing so fantastically, and I'm always in sheer awe of your will power!

  2. Thanks for your encouragement...we all need it I think