Weight Loss

Thursday, May 12, 2011


I had a bad fall on the weekend, not a physical fall, but a diet fall. I was away from home and ate in fast foods and then a real dessert explosion on Mother's Day. I have no idea, why my ability to say NO to forbidden foods seemed to melt away and cause the fall.  The next day I was up 6 pounds. Now in no way I consummed enough food to gain 6 pounds in body fat......It has come off some but I am still 2 pounds to get back to my lowest weight....
For some reason ,spring and summer seemd to be harder, but I think it will work it self out. I have not lost my determination to lose the rest of the weigh to get to my goal, even though some people are already telling me I have lost enough. Only my body can determine that time.
One of the hardest things to get use to is that my clothes are loose. After spending a lifetime of wearing tight clothes, both for the reason that I was always gaining and also that I felt tight clothes held in the fat better.
I really would like to buy a tight pair of jeans for comfort reasons but I do not want to waste the money as I WILL lose more.


  1. Cheryl, love your blog and I have been reading a little since I started on DD April 25! You are a true inspiration. I once lost a lot of weight on WW and I purchased clothes throughout. I always felt like I looked better as I went down. Yes, it's a "waist" of money (LOL) but it is a part of the mental process of losing weight. I know how you are thinking and understand it completely, but I think even one or two cute items would motivate and encourage your outlook!

  2. Thanks so much Pat....I did buy a tight nice fitting pair of jeans and a couple of T shirts that are snug and it certainly does feel great.... Right now I am right on the diet all week but weekends I seem to falter a bit but I will get over this bump too.....